The Calix Society


The Calix Society was established in 1949 for Catholics who were in recovery from alcoholism and attending the twelve step program, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). AA is a non-denominational program that helps alcoholics recover from alcoholism through a relationship with a Higher Power. For Catholics, that Higher Power is Jesus Christ and Calix provides the outlet for those in recovery from any addiction to gather together and discuss their recovery in the light of their Catholic faith. Note that Calix is open those that are not Catholic however our devotions and discussion are Catholic-based.

We have been blessed to have a very active Calix unit in Grays Ferry since 2008. We meet every Tuesday in the annex building to St. Gabriel’s parish (30th & Dickinson Sts – entrance is on Myrtlewood St.) beginning with adoration and Mass at 6:00 PM followed by a Calix meeting.

The following is the Calix Credo:

“Calix is an association of Catholic alcoholics, drug addicts, and family members and friends affected by addiction, who are maintaining their sobriety through participation in their Catholic faith and a 12-step program. Our first concern is to interest Catholics with these problems in the virtue of total abstinence. Our second stated purpose is to promote the spiritual development of our membership. Our gathering today is an effort in this direction. Our conversation and our association together should be a source of inspiration and encouragement to each other, geared to our growth toward spiritual maturity. Our participation in all other spiritual activities of Calix, such as the frequent celebration of the Liturgy, reception of the Sacraments, personal prayer and meditation, Holy Hours, Days of Recollection and retreats, aid us in our third objective, namely, to strive for the sanctification of the whole personality of each member. We welcome others who are not members of the Catholic faith, and anyone concerned with the illnesses of alcoholism and addiction, who wish to join with us in prayer for our stated purposes.”

For more information about Calix in general please use the link above. For information about the local Grays Ferry unit please contact Ken Johnston at